Gentle Jihad

The mainstream media tends to focus on terrorism because acts of violence are supremely newsworthy. But violence by orthodox Muslims is only the tip of the iceberg. Underneath the surface is a political movement working to gain incremental concessions for Muslims. We'll explore the purpose of these concessions in a moment.

But first you should know I'm not talking about your neighbor. Most Muslims are not actively involved in jihad. But enough are participating to merit a closer look.

We have no need to try to guess the purposes of the really devout Muslims — they state their goals openly and fervently, and they have one primary goal. It's a goal Allah gave to all Muslims: The establishment of the law of Allah throughout the world.

Islam makes the attainment of this political goal a religious duty.

Allah said (through Mohammad, and written in the Quran) he does not want his followers sitting around meditating or spending their lives in a monastery. Allah expects good Muslims to demonstrate their devotion and faith by working toward a time when the whole world comes under the rule of divine law.

There is no more important goal in Islam, and everyone has a part to play. Please do not take my word for it, even though I have dedicated many years to learning about it with an open mind. Read the Quran for yourself.

Many devout Muslims are not in a position to participate in a violent jihad, and many devout Muslims consider violence at this point to be tactically foolish against much stronger countries. But the Quran says every Muslim must do what they can. For example, Muslim women can give birth to as many healthy children as possible (helping to gain a numerical superiority) and raise them to be devout Muslims; the imams can keep their listeners motivated and donating money to the mosque to fund outreach programs; wealthy Muslims can support jihad financially; Muslim lawyers can sue people who criticize Islam, hackers can shut down web sites that try to educate non-Muslims about Islamic teachings, and Muslims with charisma can help get people to convert to the faith.

There is no better way to show Allah your devotion than jihad, according to the Quran. As far as Allah is concerned, actions speak louder than words. It doesn't matter how you feel. It doesn't matter if you'd rather just live a good life. Allah expects you to fight for Islam wherever you are and even if you don't feel like it, and to fight in whatever way you can. We should consider ourselves lucky that so many Muslims try to ignore these teachings, even though it says in the Quran the consequences of ignoring them are dire.

When the devout, Quran-following Muslims do not have the political power to impose their will, they are charged with the task of gaining that power. In democratic countries, the task then becomes to exert a constant pressure to gain concessions to Islam. Each concession moves the society a little closer to following Sharia law.

Each concession may seem small, but they are adding up. Meanwhile, the Muslim population is growing in democratic countries.


    Instead of burning korans, which seems to get muslims' turbans in a twist, why don't we have hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of people READING ALOUD FROM THE KORAN ...for one day (Sept. 11th seems the proper day), out in very busy public places where there is high foot traffic.

    We could read all those wonderful 'relegion of peace' passages about killing infidels, having marital relations with 6-year old girls, hanging homosexuals, stoning adulterers, etc. etc. etc.

    If we had 10,000 volunteer readers at 10,000 busy public locations, each location having more than 1,000 passers-by per day (such as at major commuter train / subway stops; major downtown intersections at lunch hour; outside Timmy's / Dunkin' / Starbucks / Mickey D's, etc. etc.) , we'd reach a cool MILLION people in one day with the warm, fuzzy blandishments of Mohammed and his 'religion of peace' weirdbeards.

    Today's caring, sensitive, and "green" / flame-free (thus having a low carbon footprint!) idea for consideration.

    Posted by: Davers6 at September 8, 2010 7:21 PM

  2. What will happen after 300 years, a small imagination

    any one of the following faith would be gained 90 % supremacy of world population over others.

    IF christianity - then world will be in peace but they will continue to convert others by giving money -- if they didnot converted they won't do anything
    If Atheist - World will be more practical and will be in peace - everybody would be doing their work
    IF Islam - violations against women will be nill -- world population will be tripled --Agriculture will prosper -- there will be endless fight between Shia & sunni - they will start to convert others by compulsion if not they will kill others
    IF Hindhuism - then world will be in peace , they do not convert anybody - humanity exists - no violence - freedom to all
    If Buddhism - same as hindhuism

    ------------but unless people practices to live unity in diversity as like in India this world not gonnabe exist till judgment day--

    1. You talk about the modern religions. But for violence consider the Aztec or Mayan beliefs. I mean sacraficing people by cutting out their hearts.

      That's a good example of a society with100% religion, 0% critical thinking. And this would have gone on-and-on if the Spanish hadn't come along with a 'better' religion.

    2. The Aztecs did not target people for daring not to follow their religion, nor did their gods command them to conquer and convert the world. In case it slipped your mind we're in the 21st century and some folks are trying to take us back to the 7th, in the name of their god.