Three Things About Islam

Below is a video about a few basic principles non-Muslims should know about Islam. It is eight minutes, ten seconds long.

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  1. This video is a must watch. It is helpful in gaining a full understanding of what Islam is really all about and why our American politicians are so naive about Islam.

  2. How convenient! I tried to watch the video and it said safari could not open cause it was an invalid address. Anyone doubt that there's an army of "soft" (at least until they get their numbers up a bit higher) jihadist internet monitors out there doing whatever they can to make sure as few as possible learn the truth about their true intentions. I have learned enough and witnessed enough to know the following truths:
    - The is a reason that thousands of people of the Muslim faith (a faith based on the egotistical rantings of a power hungry narcissistic, morally bankrupt dead HUMAN man) are coming to the US and many other non-Muslim countries in mass. They abhor everything about us. Everything about us and our way of life is detestable to them and against their fundamental beliefs. Would you uproot your wife and children and cross an ocean to live and be surrounded by people you found detestable? No, you wouldn't. They are coming here in obedience to their religion. There is no moderate Muslim and radical Muslim. They are all Muslims. There may be a few who are of Muslim decent but aren't really religious at all, but if they are Koran reading/sheet wearing worshippers of "Allah" (same definition as Mohammed above with the words 'Long Dead' added), then they believe it is their duty to spread sharia to all corners of the planet and to convert , subjugate or kill any who resist. They are not all actively engaged in violent jihad because they are crafty and smart enough to know they could not yet win an outright hostile takeover at this time. So while a few run around gleefully beheading, burning alive while videotaping and gang raping non believing woman, the remainder are engaged in "soft" jihaad. This is their well thought out documented system where the move in and live amongst the infidel for a time. They breed and increase their numbers. They set up "legitimate" sounding organizations (i.e. The Council for American Islamic Relations ) that actually serve as means to funnel money and information to terror groups, they get involved in politics and fight for "tolerance" and acceptance in order to slowly carefully become what appears as just another color in our politically correct flag. They get us to concede one thing after another so as not to offend their "right " to practice their supposedly peaceful religion religion. The end goal is to build numbers and become interwoven in the fabric of our culture and government until the time and numbers are right to force sharia down our throats and use violence if nescessary to convert, subjugate or eliminate all non-believers. This is what allah demands of all muslims and not to obey would result in a fate as bad or worse than the eternal hell fired with nothing to drink but boiling water that all of us non-believers are doomed to. To believe anything else about why they are coming and what they plan to do is simply to live in denial of reality.