What Can You Do About It?

Now that you understand what orthodox Muslims are supposed to do according to their teachings, what can you do about it? Most important is for other non-Muslims to learn some basic information about Islam. Most people know very little about Islam. In fact, most people know even less than they think they know because of the excessive application of taqiyya (religious deception).

Once enough of us are educated, we can vote
people into office who understand the situation. We'll know enough to know who is knowledgeable and who is not. And we can push for initiatives and policies appropriate to our new understanding.

But until enough people understand, the policies and politicians will not have enough support to get anything done. So public education is vital. Really take this seriously. Use some of these tools to make the task a little easier. And read the Quran so you can speak with authority.

And find informative materials — books, online videos and articles, and DVDs — and buy them. Lend them out.

One uplifting task you can pursue that indirectly weakens the influence of orthodox Islam is to help girls. Find out more about the "Girl Effect" here.


  1. The average American has his head in the sand. The Muslims have declared global Jihad against the West. Please WAKE UP!

    1. Most Americans today do not even understand their own Holy Bible much less a foreign Islamic Ideology hell bent on creating a world according to the teachings of their Prophet Muhammad. Unfortunately, by the time people wake up to the truth it will be too late.

  2. hitler and muhammed are similar...even synonymous...hitler was defeated, and muhammed will fade into the sand as well...women were not meant to be slaves of anyone, as they were created in God's own image, the same as man...
    ...in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost...amen.

  3. This is factually wrong! There are NO Orthodox Muslims... There is One Mandate one Islam. Get it Right! This notion actually supports the claim "I'm a moderate, I don't support -Insert Lie Here...- There are only adherent and non-adherent. It's dangerous to think otherwise...

  4. It's as if you are supporting the islamic "We are like you" campaign by creating a new sect of islam "orthodox" so they can say Greek Orthodox, Jewish Orthodox etc, etc. Don't legitimize their mandate to lie and deceive....!

  5. Muslims have proven they have absolutely no interest in the welfare or happiness of human beings.
    Their prime motivation is not peace or love, it is to protect islam, even if it means occasioning their own death and the death of all of those who oppose it.
    There is a great madness in such a course of life, for it not only denigrates the life of the perpetrator, it insults the great history of truth that mankind has striven for.
    In demading fealty from all humankind, islam reveals it supreme arrogance and its own insecurity.
    The world has come to know islam, not by its adherance to the celebration of man and science, but through lies, deceit, duplicity, threats, terrorism, bloodshed and death.
    Such a disgusting and revolting regime deserves to be exposed regularly by all fearless men, and furthermore it merits derision, deep suspicion and much laughter.
    Islam is nothing more than a dangerous, satanic F-ALLAH-CY!