Basic Principles of Islam

The following is the article What Makes Islam So Successful? separated into a linked outline. I thought it might be useful to break each of the elements into separate posts. Here are some of the key components of the package of ideas (or bundle of beliefs) known as Islam:

1. A standardized version of the idea-collection is written down.

2. The Quran includes instructions for its own spread.

3. The idea-collection includes instructions for its own preservation, protection, and duplication.

4. Islamic doctrine commands its followers to create a government that supports it.

5. Permission to spread the religion by war.

6. Lands must be conquered.

7. The idea-collection provides new soldiers by allowing polygamy.

8. It is a punishable offense to criticize Islam.

9. You can't leave Islam once you're in.

10. Islam must be your first allegiance.

11. Dying while fighting for Islam is the ONLY way to guarantee a man's entrance into Paradise.

12. You must read the Quran in Arabic.

13. You must pray five times a day.

14. The prayers involve moving together in time.

15. A woman is in a thoroughly subordinate position.

16. The only way a woman can guarantee her passage into Paradise is if her husband is happy with her when she dies.

17. Allah gives Himself permission to edit His own work.

18. The Quran uses the carrot and stick to reinforce behavior.

19. Islam provides a huge and inspiring goal.

20. Non-Muslims must pay a large tax.

21. A Muslim is forbidden to make friends with a non-Muslim.

22. The Quran counsels the use of deceit when dealing with non-Muslims.

23. Islam must always be defended.

24. Islamic writings teach the use of pretext to initiate hostilities.

25. The explicit use of double standards.

26. It is forbidden to kill a Muslim (except for a just cause).

27. If Muslims drift away from Mohammed's teachings, Allah will end the world.

28. The message in a standard Quran is difficult to decipher.

What should we do with this information about Islam? That's a good question. For some, the solution is to hate Muslims, but that doesn't make any sense. Most Muslims had no choice in their religion, and many of them don't know as much about their own religion as you now do.

I think the best thing any of us can do is to simply help other non-Muslims learn about Islam. Because Islam is so successful, its teachings are becoming more and more influential on the world stage, and its built-in aggressiveness should be curbed. But the only way it can be curbed is if enough people know about it. The way we understand Islam determines what policies we collectively endorse or reject about it.

So first, learn more about it. And then share what you know with others. And let them know what they can do about it too. To learn more, I suggest you first read the Quran. This is the version I recommend.

Learn more about the details of Islamic doctrine here.

If you'd like to do something more, start here: What Can You Do About It?


  1. Your articles are extremely interesting.

    You claim to be against Islam but its clear that any non-muslim that actually reads what you have written would end up being closer to Islam and more likely to embrace it.

    I am trying to work out if you have either been counter-productive or are an extremely intelligent muslim that is giving dawah from a reverse psychological point of view.

    Either way I hope you keep up the good work of Allah and may he reward you for your deeds if your intentions are pure.

    Allah Hafiz

    1. Its not what you believe but how you permit your mind to believe. One who doubts and questions the evidence is the mind that would find islam victimises. marginalises, ostrasises its adherents and exposes its followers to redicule. A devine god would have done a far superior job than what was done in the koranic teachings. N o god can be that cruel to victimise its followers as is done in this religion of peace

  2. Interesting. How could a Muslim think the above principles of Islam would help convince a non-Muslim to embrace Islam? Find the answers here:

    Whose Side Am I On?

  3. I don't quite agree with your last comment that the Koran's message is difficult to decipher. I have read it and find it clear. Plus it says of itself that it is "clear". This indicates that the message is to be taken literally, at face value.

  4. Because the chapters are published out of order, and because of the principle of abrogation, and because much of it cannot be understood without knowing the Sunnah, it is difficult to decipher.

    On the other hand, open it anywhere, and the tone of the book comes through loud and clear. The basic message IS clear: Believe in Mohammad or burn for eternity, and anyone who is not a Muslim deserves to be humiliated, ruined, or killed.

    In other words, we're both right.


  5. Allah Hafiz's comment is a sad and desperate attempt at denial, as they are ashamed and embarrassed. Ali Sina gets similar comments from muslims. These people need our compassion because it is so hard for muslims to admit Islam is wrong, even to themselves. But at least they are reading yours and others' websites and it is making them think.

  6. Thank you for the service you provide with regards to learning about Islam, an ideology that will bring us to our knees, if we do not learn about it...NOW.

  7. I'm a fervent critic rather hater of Islam.

    apart from it being mostly based on many falsities and luscious but ludicrous promises

    Quran also allows Muslims to deceive non-muslims (by any means, some are: by concealing own faith,concealing true intentions,lying on one's face,producing false promises,manipulating the truth,mentioning half truth) if it helps ISLAM..and if it supports the ultimate GOAL THAT IS TO OVERTHROW ANY OTHER FORM OF GOVERNMENT BUT THOSE WHICH FOLLOW SHARIA LAW...and reign over the whole world..also to annihilate any other religion...True muslims are always at WAR with any NON-ISLAMIC COUNTRY AND IT'S PEOPLE...

    proof :

    Genital mutilation of women and other sick things like that are still practised in Islamic nations.

    you're doing a great job
    --- from a fellow warrior ..

    1. Its not true, its is a misconception spread by anti-islam agents.Deception is frobidden in Islam in all situations.

      Read the material from above link.
      just study Islam from Authentic sources, anti-Islam agents spreads wrong info about Islam.

  8. After reading the above Basic Principles that true Muslims must adhere to - you would have to be sheep and ready to accept the thoughts and actions of this despicable cult. Freedom of thought - as God gave us- and Free Will has no place in Mohammedanism. You are controlled from birth to the grave by its curses.
    Even those that profess to be 'moderate' are lying to themselves since this is a 'faith' without moderation. Therefore ISLAM is a blight upon our modern day society and should be fought against wherever possible. It is a fast growing scourge dropping its spores everywhere. The Qu'ran is a deceiver of men and Mohammed - a man of the basest of instincts, purely self serving and not what you would expect from a servant of GOD.....unlike his true follower and son - JESUS the CHRIST whose teachings are only of LOVE....this emotion does not exist under the Laws of Islam.

  9. Anonymous from Brazil,

    Congrats for your efforts. Your vision about sharing our knowledge is very useful. On this purppose, I'd suggest watching MEMRI vids. They give us a clear view of the problem...

  10. Go to

    This is a great site that explais islam and the forums are excellent

  11. The quran is the equivalent of a vehicle handbook. It is a muslims education, philosophy and psychology. Its a paradigm setter, a box that can't be thought out of. These are the chains that bind. Without freedom there can be no morality. islam is a high security prison with no escape and no freedom and as we see daily, no morality.