Majorities in Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan and Nigeria are in Favor of the Death Penalty for Apostasy

A new poll by the Pew Research Center showed some surprising findings, according to the LA Times:

"According to the survey, majorities in Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan and Nigeria would favor changing current laws to allow stoning as a punishment for adultery, hand amputation for theft, and death for those who convert from Islam to another religion. About 85% of Pakistani Muslims said they would support a law segregating men and women in the workplace."


  1. It would be intresting to ask the Muslim public's opinion about female genital mutilation. On the World Health Organization website there is a map giving the % of FGM by country. Egypt leads the world at 97%. The American Academy of Pediatrics actually asked their MDs to consider doing FGM in office, here. The WHO sent them and other organizations world wide a request to cease. Sterile and aseptic is not the issue. FGM is barbaric and beyond all reason. The former Pakastani Ambassador to the UK now teaches at B.U. He gives a stat that more books are translated into Spanish annually than have been translated into Arabic in the century. (yes, century. Largely these folks just do not know much of the world.

  2. We cannot change the way that they are thinking. Such places are a place of deep religious fidelity.