A Chronological Qur'an

WHEN YOU want to look up something in the Qur'an, or share a passage with someone, or maybe you're ready to take the Pledge and read the Qur'an, here is a clean, professional site you can use:

A Chronological Qur'an

As it states in the site description: "One reason the Qur'an can be difficult to understand is that its chapters are generally arranged by size (longest chapters toward the front, shortest toward the back), rather than in chronological order (read more about this). This site presents the chapters chronologically, in a time-sequence accepted by scholars at the world's chief center of Islamic learning, Al-Azhar in Cairo. Below are three popular translations we have thus arranged."

In the right sidebar is a linked list of each Sura of the Qur'an (each chapter), in chronological order, along with the number of the Sura originally given to that Sura in a traditional Qur'an.

It's simple and useful.

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