Koran's Antisemitism Still Alive

FOLLOW THE LINK below to watch a remarkable video. This MEMRI production shows examples of antisemitism in modern-day Arab media. It was originally presented to the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva. The video is 23 minutes long. It is amazing. Ugly. Hideous. You should get everyone you know to watch it.

Click here to watch the video on Vimeo: New Trends in Arabic Anti-Semitism.

And here it is on YouTube: Muslim Antisemitism Compilation.

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  1. The problem is..we cannot make a comment because it is illegal here in the uk to say bad things about "...religion".

    Its an arsewipe of a law, and thoroughly retrograde. Eventually it will be illegal to have no religion.

  2. Here in the USA, we have,- still - freedom of speech. This looks and sounds like some group or groups are targeted by Islam for destruction. However it can not be "anti-semitism" since the Arabic People are Semites...........cal it something else even language.........filthiest.............

  3. Anonymous - -

    Here in the USA we still have freedom of speech... but for how long?

    This is really sad.