We've Got a Mission For You, Should You Decide to Accept It

Why won't you listen to me?!!
We need to harness the energy, the intensity, the panic and anger people feel when they discover that Islam is not a religion of peace, and that its influence is growing worldwide. It freaks people out. They don't really know what to do. We need to channel that energy in the direction of informing the misinformed. And doing this intelligently and skillfully.

This is our most urgent task. Too few people are becoming informed because those who find out are so freaked out by what they learn that they turn the misinformed away from this information instead of bringing them in. People find out and then try to tell others about orthodox Islam, but their intensity seems hateful and fanatical to the misinformed (people who are as yet unacquainted with orthodox Islam).

So your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to go to other counterjihad sites like Jihad Watch or Atlas Shrugs or Bare Naked Islam, and interact in the comments. Tell people what they can do about Islam. Tell people they should try to inform their fellow non-Muslim citizens, and tell them how. Leave links. Quote articles. Answer people when they seem to be searching for answers. Argue in favor of getting through to the innocent and misinformed people of the world, and doing it with compassion and courtesy.

And when you see people are discouraged or demoralized because nobody will listen to them, help them overcome their demoralization. Often this is the real problem. People are so frustrated and discouraged when they fail to get through to people, they become angry at every misinformed person they talk to, which prevents them from getting through to anybody except those who already know.

If you do this and someone argues with you and you don't know how to reply to them, feel free to email us and we'll help you with a response.

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