Can We Stop This Creeping Jihad?

CAIR executive director, Nihad Awad
The following is a letter by Edward Kesler, published on July 28, 2013 in the Reader's Forum of the Tribune Star.

Admittedly, Americans have enormous difficulty realizing that a religion, Islam, is a threat to our society. Perhaps untiring efforts to awaken the public is a fool’s errand. Most readers of any newspaper will not research this issue for themselves. Understanding the task is daunting. It may be useful to examine groups the media believes purportedly speak for Muslims in the U.S.

In the news recently is the Muslim Brotherhood. Some Americans realize the Brotherhood controlled the Egyptian government until the last few weeks. Fewer understand this is not a “political party” but a movement dedicated to world domination. Simply reading the Muslim Brotherhood’s motto should sound alarms for all of us.

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928 after the collapse of the Ottoman Turkish Empire. A primary goal was to re-establish a caliphate that could be extended worldwide. The founders, ardent admirers of Hitler, translated “Mein Kampf” into Arabic. The Muslim religious leader, the Mufti of Jerusalem, spent many years in Germany supporting and observing death camp operations and planning the same for the Muslim world. Rommel’s defeat at El-Alamein ended the plan.

The Jihad (terrorist) group Hamas is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas is the government of Gaza. In the United States the Brotherhood is the power and financing arm behind the Islamic Society of North America (headquartered in nearby Plainfield), the Muslim Students Association, the International Institute for Islamic Thought and many others.

Perhaps most notably, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, portrayed as a Muslim civil rights organization, is not only connected to the Muslim Brotherhood, but was also an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation money laundering case. The foundation was convicted of funneling money to Hamas to aid in the terror against Israel.

These are the “moderates” with whom this president’s administration and, to some extent, the previous two administrations, have attempted to coexist. In this administration, members of the Brotherhood and various other Islamist groups have made deep inroads into the halls of power.

Is it too late to stop the creeping social jihad being waged against us, even at the highest levels of our government?

— Edward Kesler, West Terre Haute

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  1. I believe the most effective way to fight Islam in America is to challenge its First Amendment claims to practice as a religion. The Supreme Court has long held that all religions are not automatically protected under the First Amendment just because they claim to worship a deity. For example, Satanist are not allowed to worship and include human and animal sacrifices. Polygamy as an element of a religion is not legal. Sex with virgins as a right in some religions is illegal if the girl is underage. Murder as a part of religious doctrine is never legal.

    The practice of Islam includes polygamy, Genocide because it calls for the murder of Jews and Christians, as well as any other religious practice except Islam. Moreover, Islam is seditious in that it demands that its adherents wage war on their host governments. Sharia based Islam, which is practiced in the USA under Wahhabi lead Imams demands that our Constitution be replaced with Islamic Sharia Law. Clearly, Islam is antithetical to our culture and Constitution.

    Concerned citizens need to take Islam into court and attack its very theology and right to practice under our laws for some of the reasons that I cited above. When Islam claims a religious right to build a Mosques, challenge the very right they claim to have by taking them to court under the color of sedition and treasonous practices. I am not an attorney, but it would seem to me that this is the appropriate course of action to defeat Islam which is only in America to defeat our Republic.