Freedom of Speech and Islam

This is a four minute video about what freedom of speech is, what it's for, and how people motivated by Islamic ideals are successfully suppressing our freedom of speech, even in the United States:


  1. Will We create a New Language to continue Freedom of Speech ?

  2. “Moderate Muslim” is a contradiction in terms. It is intrinsically oxymoronic. Whereas “moderate” (read: liberal) “Christians,” such as those belonging to the PCUSA, embrace certain apostasies that run directly counter to the biblical teachings of Christianity (which is the true “religion of peace”), “moderate Muslims,” likewise, embrace an apostate version of Islam that runs directly counter to the clear teachings of the Quran.

    We must ban Islam in the free world or it will keep coming back to conquer us as it has kept coming back through the past centuries.

    Satanism is in our face. It is ubiquitous. Just like homosexuality, it will soon become the “new normal.”