Popular Buddhist Monk Accuses Muslims of Deceiving the World

Sayadaw Ashin Wirathu
The CBS show, 60 Minutes, aired a segment last week entitled "The New Burma" (you can watch it online here). The segment was mostly about Aung San Suu Kyi, but starting at 6:55 they mentioned the conflict between the majority Buddhist population and the minority Muslim population, including an interview with the most outspoken leader against the Muslims, a Buddhist monk named Sayadaw Ashin Wirathu.

The 60 Minutes position on this conflict is typical for mainstream news: The Buddhist majority are bullying the poor, oppressed Muslim minority. But I enjoyed the following exchange between Wirathu and the 60 Minutes correspondent, Bill Whitaker (you can read a transcript of the whole segment here).

Whitaker tells viewers, "Wirathu's rhetoric is extreme, but his mantra — that Burma is for Buddhists — is widely held, even by other holy men. He's a provocateur, who enflames passions with fiery speeches. He's attracted a large and growing following." Then comes the following exchange:

Bill Whitaker: Do Muslims have a place here in Burma?

We can't repeat his actual response, it's R-rated. But essentially he said Muslims were defecating on Burma; threatening its very existence.

Ashin Wirathu: I don't accept them.

Bill Whitaker: Why?

Ashin Wirathu: Because they're deceiving the world; they want to take over the whole country. But even then they will not be satisfied. They will only be satisfied when the whole world converts to Islam.

Whitaker and the rest of the 60 Minutes staff apparently don't realize Wirathu's comment applies to them. They are being deceived, and along with the rest of the world, their point of view is skewed toward sympathy for the Muslims. The 60 Minutes staff doesn't realize that Muslims who follow Islamic doctrine do, in fact, want to take over Burma and the whole world. It is Islam's prime directive. And they're gaining traction all over the world because they have perfected the "persecuted underdog" ruse to disarm their victims, much the same way sociopaths do.

What can stop Islam from achieving its prime directive? Only one thing: A non-Muslim population that cannot be fooled. In other words, a non-Muslim population that knows Islam for what it is: An intolerant, deceitfulaggressive, violent ideology whose goal is world domination.


  1. That is exactly correct. Islam is deceiving the whole world and unless people's eyes are opened to this the Muslims will one day rule the world with an iron fist.

  2. I admire Buddhist monks. They are usually calm and peaceful. But this monk has his eyes wide open and he knows the future, and if we don't open more people's eyes the world will indeed be ruled by Islam some day. We must forbid this!

  3. Islam needs to be eradicated, it is not compatible with the modern world !

  4. I live in area that once was caring of its residents/neighbours - age - gender - all were valued.-NOW most of the houses are owned by Muslims and they are definitely not neighbours - plus the females are covered from head to toes in black material which is ominous for white children at the school gates! on their first day of starting school plus they are almost outnumbered - surely an open religion does not need to be cloaked in disguise!!

  5. Heads up people...it's time to retaliate and protect our future.

  6. ....
    Remove Illegals?
    Some politicians say it is impossible to expel people who came into the country illegally.
    Already, there are towns, villages and cities with more immigrants than the original population.
    It is Human Nature that people do what is in their best interest. Will it be a surprise that Muslims will vote for theirs?
    Human Nature also causes people to defend their belief, even in the face of overwhelming facts to the contrary, so we can expect them to say; "Well, the people voted for it." in spite of knowing that the votes were cast by people who had no right to vote because they should not have been there to vote in the first place.
    Then they will wonder how their society and culture changed.

  7. Buddhism was once dominant in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia until it was eradicated and replaced by Islam through violence and genocide. Their philosophy of non-violence did not serve them well and they would not defend themselves, prefering instead to meditate. This monk is courageous but many more are politically correct monks than brave.