Islamic Doctrine in Action

As we are seeing in Paris, and as we have seen again and again, as perplexing as it may be to non-Muslims, jihad is a form of worship.

Allah discouraged Muslims from passive expressions of faith. To prove one's faith, Allah demands action. Specifically and most importantly, jihad — fighting in the way of Allah. Fighting to establish the legal domination of Islam. It is Islam's prime directive.

You and I may think it is wrong, but to a Muslim, it is right. It is commanded by Allah. What could be more right than that to someone who believes it?

The world must awaken to the existence of such a creed and stop blinding itself with wishful thinking. This is not going to go away.


  1. Yeshua says it is going away!!

  2. I'd like to see your Inquiry articles about violence in Islam include one particular Islamic doctrine, Abrogation. The Koran states that when there are contradictory things, the ones stated later, closer to Mohammed's death, are improvements and to be followed. Chapter 9, The Verses of the Sword, is the 2nd to last chronological chapter, which means, according to the overwhelming predominance of Islamic jurisprudence, that it supersedes all earlier temperate verses. It's the basis for so far an almost 1,400 year deadly, injurious Jihad that is to lead to The Prime Directive you've alluded to in a few articles, making the world one Islamic nation.