New "I Love Kufr" Design

As a follow up to the I Love Kufr article of a few days ago, we received this message:

The "I love Kufr" idea is brilliant. I'm not a professional graphic artist but I made this and offer it to you. Could you use it? Can you suggest improvements?

I loved it and asked for permission to post it, and he said yes. He added, "This is so good. I had the logo on my PC as I was making it and an employee saw it and said, 'what is kufr?' A chance to bring up the topic."

Feel free to use this image any way you want. Create a tee shirt at CafePress with it, use it as your Facebook profile picture, add it as a signature to your emails, etc.

If you have suggestions, leave them as a comment on this article (click here to leave a comment), or email us here. And if you have some designs to share, email them to us.

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