Introduce Your Liberal Friends to an Honest Look at Islam

Below is a message we received from the author of a good book on Islam, who goes by the name Savvy Kafir (SK):

Until the end of January, The Savvy Kafir’s Intro to Islam: A Primer for Puzzled Progressives (normally $5.99) is priced at just 99¢ at Amazon, making it easier for curious Lefties to give it a try.

Written by a progressive, for progressives, this candid analysis of the world’s fastest-metastasizing religion is “a brisk, entertaining read” that “really crackles with wit and positive energy” — a book that does its level best to promote an appreciation of Western civilization, and an understanding of the threat posed by the Demographic Jihad in Europe, the U.S., Canada & Australia.

Recently, more liberals seem ready to learn the brutal truth about the ideology that keeps forcing its way into the news, day after bloody day. More Lefties have begun reading books, watching YouTube videos, listening to podcasts, and visiting counter-jihadi websites, searching for real answers & solid information on the Religion of Peace.

My aim is to reach those liberals who visit counter-jihadi venues such as yours, so they’ll share this fun, feisty, hard-hitting book with their more PC, Islam-friendly friends.

Please do what you can to raise awareness of this timely text. Your help is greatly appreciated!

And thanks again for all you do at An Inquiry Into Islam!


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